The Christmas Cribs in the Churches of Piran

Piran, 18.December 2016 – 6.Januar 2017

Guided visitation of the Christmas Cribs in the Churches of Piran. Contact: Marko Jezernik or Caffe Galeria Piran.

  1. The Pinacoteca of the Piran Minorite Monastery


The Piran Minorite Monastery of the Conventual Franciscans / Formation of Christmas Cribs by Marko Jezernik

2.Ex Church of Saint Chatrine / On the entrance to the Piran Minorite Monastery


Triptich – Nativity of Jesus; / dimesions: 106×150 cm /

Original Christmas  Cribs by Marko Jezernik

Panel Left – The Anounciation to the Sheperds


Panel Center – The Adoration of the Magi


Panel Right – The flight in to Egypt


Who is Who?



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Ausbau der Beziehungen zwischen Piran und Judenburg

Piran, 07.06.2016                                                                      SLO> RTEmagicC_RTEmagicC_ilustracija.zastava_01.bmp_02.jpg



Piran verbindet freundschaftliche Beziehungen mit zahlreichen österreichischen Gemeinden. Am Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016, besuchten der ehemalige stellvertretende Bürgermeister von Judenburg, Wolfgang Toperczer, und Vertreter der Stadt Judenburg, Heinz Mitteregger und Mag. Manfred Herrman,  die stellvertretende Bürgermeisterin der Gemeinde Piran, Meira Hot. Mit dabei war der Maler Marko Jezernik, aktiver Kulturschaffender der Gemeinde Piran. Thema des Treffens war die Ausweitung der Zusammenarbeit im kulturellen Bereich durch den Austausch von Künstlern aus verschiedenen Disziplinen. Im vergangenen Jahr hat bereits das Mandolinenorchester Arcangelo Svettini in Judenburg gastiert. Weiter geht es am 25. Juni 2016 mit einem Gastspiel der Rock-Band Teddy Bears.

Gemeinde Piran                                                                                                                                  Slavica Tucakov, PR

Rock-Band Teddy Bears


 Teddy Bears machen Musik der 50er-60er-70er Jahre von legendären Bands wie RS, B, EP, BH, EC … und sind hervorragende Musiker aus Piran und der Küstenregion, die seit vielen Jahren ihre Freizeit der Musik widmen. Jure Lesar und Bogdan Solic sind zudem auch Mitglieder der Band Eskobars.


Besetzung: Jure Lesar – Gesang, Gitarre; Simon Omahen – Gesang, Gitarre;

Bogdan Sojič – Drums; Luka Mrdakovič – Bass

Mandolinenorchester Arcangelo Svettini aus Pirana




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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Caffe Galeria Piran – Mojo hišni band – Sobota, 22.3. ob 20.30

Caffe Galeria Piran – nastopa Mojo Hišni Band – Sobota 22.3.ob 20.30 Tokrat v akustični varianti! Za prigrizek in pijačo poskrbljeno… Tokrat prihajajo nabrušeni in z novimi komadi…

Mojo hisno band 22 3 2014 copy 2000

Več: Napovednik

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My Galleries on Fine Art America

Here is a short information about my artworks on Fine Art America.

Gallery “Watercolor Cityscapes” content are watercolours of Slovene cityscapes: Piran, Ljubljana, Skofja Loka, Maribor… Videoclips on Youtube: Piran – Wandering around Slovenia Škofja Loka – Wandering around Slovenia Maribor – Wandering around Slovenia Marko Jezernik – You Tube: Marko Jezernik

Gallery “Magic Box – Morphology of thoughts” Magic Boxes are one way of my artistic view on topic Morphology of Thoughts. I have used wooden boxes as base for my paintings. Boxes can be a storage for all kind of small valuable things. More on my blog

Gallery “Drawings&Watercolors – Saints” content are pencil drawings ind watercolors of  St.Christopher, St. George, St.Michael… Ideas for paintings and works in ceramics…

Gallery “Morphology of Thoughts” content are paintings reflecting the diversity of human relations. Topic is based on my book “Morphology of Thoughts” where my texts are added to page illustrations. Morphology of Thoughts is a result of several years of writing. These are shorter texts, one could say “sayings”, which have their significance. The texts are formed solely on the basis of my personal experiences and analysis thereof. Let’s say that these are my commandments, which are protecting me from delusions and detours in life. The book is a combination of text and drawing, in some way describing and outlining human relationships. It is written in four language versions: Slovenian, English, French and German. More on my blog       

Gallery “Art Glass Interior Design” content are fused glass objects for Interior design: lights, table plates, front door glassing, separating walls…Video: Art Glass Doors

Gallery “Biodiversity” content are paintings of animals

Gallery “Adventure in Istrian hinterland” In autumn 2012, a group of four adventurers break out of the city limits of Piran, which were once defined by walls. They have boarded a little old car and headed into the unknown. The group of four have chosen to explore the hinterland of our Istria and share their findings with the public… More on Avantura v zaledju Istre  

Gallery “India” content are paintings and drawings from my India trips. Video: Godess Lakshmi

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My Painted Faces Showdown Submission

Inuit Family gouache on paper 40 x29 cm

Inuit Family
gouache on paper
40 x29 cm

Saatchi Online Showdown – Painted faces My Painted Faces Showdown Submission

Saatchi Online Showdown Schedule

  • Entry Period: Saturday, October 12 – Monday, October 28
  • Preliminary Voting: Tuesday, October 29 – Monday, November 4
  • Juried Voting: Monday, November 4 – Friday, November 8
  • Final Voting: Friday, November 8 – Monday, November 18
  • Winner Announced: Monday, November 18

This time I’m participating with painting Inuit Family in gouache technique on paper.

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GuardianWitness Assignments – Share your art – chairs

GuardianWitness launched a new contest on October 1st.  Topic are chairs, allowing us to Piran is no stranger. I signed up together with  Fahirj Tutnjić-Faki, my partner on our project chairs!


We’ll wait till end of the contest, to see the outcome?

Video: Marko Jezernik – Art Furniture Chairs

Share your art – chairs  more on link…

It’s October, the nights are drawing in and the leaves are turning brown. Pull up a chair, Octopus poslikava detail stoltake the weight off your feet and get out your sketchbook; this month’s Share Your Art theme is chairs. You can interpret the topic in any way and any medium you choose: drawing, painting, textiles, anything but photography.

We look forward to seeing your creations and will feature them on the site.

These are chairs on my GuardianWitness profile.

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