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Piran, my living room – Interview

Life is indeed a rich treasure. Every day something good happens, but unfortunately, something unpleasant as well and, to spice it up, even something interesting and unusual. The latter could be said of the Paris meeting with my friend Amelie, with whom I occasionally review all events on the French fashion scene, have a look in one of the museums or visit an interesting restaurant. This time, with the help of electronics, she invited me to an exhibition in Piran.

Virtual visit to Slovenia

At the end of January she visited Piran in Slovenia and Gallery Marko Jezernik. Immediately she asked me if I knew this artist: “Slovenia is so small and surely everyone knows each other?” she explained her unusually strange question …. and started her camera with its large plasma screen, which transferred us to the Slovenian coast. Our virtual tour through Piran started and then the camera (Amelie) crossed Tartini Square and turned to the right (most of the French are right-oriented) and soon entered the gallery of Marko Jezernik … meanwhile she enthusiastically told me about the meeting with the artist and his art. I have visited Amelie’s artist again with the help of electronics.
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Dobrodelna DRAŽBA umetniških SLIKic ARS HUMANA 2010 »Plemenita dejanja odpirajo vrata« v petek 10. decembra ob 18.30 uri v klubu Jedro v Medvodah. Video… ARS HUMANA 2010 Ars Humana je ena uspešnejših avkcij likovnih del v Sloveniji. Tokrat že šesto … Continue reading

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Noenga Global Art platform – Competition results November 2010

Noenga Global Art platform – Competition results November 2010
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Oradela & Čakola Caffe in Goriška brda

How to achieve that fish goes to the mountains????
Promise makes debt – during last year’s visit promised becomes a reality this year: a real fish stew and seafood grilled in cooperation between Piran and Gorška Brda. Continue reading

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