Oradela & Čakola Caffe in Goriška brda

Oradela & Čakola Caffe in Goriška brda

How to achieve that fish goes to the mountains????

Promise makes debt – during last year’s visit promised becomes a reality this year: a real fish stew and seafood grilled in cooperation between Piran and Gorška Brda.

Here’s how, the whole expedition in the Goriška brda got her so!

Members of the fishing club Oradela from Piran caught all necessary, to prepare fish stew and grilled fish, in the Bay of Piran. The logistics of the operation was taken over by Taxi Piranesi, leadership of the expedition was in the hands of Čakola Caffe from Piran. It was a gorgeous sunny day in Medana and we could see the sea / Monfalcone, Italy /. Visual material in the travelogue: Oradela, Piran.

More photos and information….


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