Magic Box – Morphology of Thoughts

Magic Box – Morfologija misli

“Morphology of thoughts” is a result of several years of writing. These are shorter texts, one could say “sayings”, which have their significance. The texts are formed solely on the basis of my personal experiences and analysis thereof. Let’s say that these are my commandments, which are protecting me from delusions and detours in life. The book is a combination of text and drawing, in some way describing and outlining human relationships. It is written in four language versions: Slovenian, English, French and German.

In your book you have written:
»It is never too late to start from the beginning. However, every beginning becomes more difficult with the burden of the years. The difficulty of the beginning is inversely proportional to the degree of the will of the individual«. Is that your path? After the career of businessman, you have started from the beginning … ?

Yes, and this is my first commandment. I have noticed that it is increasingly monitoring and guiding me, it is increasingly relevant to me and has never let me down. It all depends on each one of us and only on each one of us. The rest appears, happens, or does not.

From interview: “Piran, my living room” by Cvetka Dragan

It is never to late to start from the beginning. Hoveever, every beginning becomes more difficult with the burdon of the years. The diffficulty of the beginning is inversely proportioned to the degree of the will of the individual.

Nikoli ni prepozno začeti znova, le da je vsak začetek zaradi bremena let težji. Težavnost začetka je obratnosorazmerna s stopnjo volje posameznika.

For some people the head is only a decoration. The majority uses it in a wise way, especially when it is expected from them to do so. Of course there are exceptions which do surprise.

Nekaterim je glava za okras, večina pa jo pametno uporablja predvsem takrat, ko se to od njih normalno pričakuje. Imamo pa tudi izjeme, ki presenečajo.

Every animal takes in to consideration the nature and its laws. Only the human is the idiot who thinks and is convinced, that he is able to outsmart nature.

Vsaka pametna žival upošteva naravo in njene zakonitosti, le človek je tisti idiot, ki misli in je prepričan, da je lahko pametnejši od nje.

Loneliness is pleasant, if you are not alone.

Samota je prijetna kadar nisi sam.


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