Let’s Try That – Music Addition to the “Morphology of Thoughts”

I decided to try to connect my texts and drawings entitled “Morphology of thoughts” with music. All this was created very spontaneously. For some time we are preparing to unite our strength and do something in the field of music. Friends loaned me the required equipment for the recording and the next day we managed to capture the first product.

Okay, we have finished the first recording. Solo guitar Miha Joe Cvejanov, I have added two rhythm guitars. Sašo Fajon packed that together in MP3 and here it is:

The recorded music was later subjected on drawings from the cycles “Morphology of thoughts” and videoclip uploaded on You Tube.


About Marko Jezernik

Choir Georgios Piran - Markoting&PR /singer in choir/ I'm running Fine Art Gallery & Studio presenting my artworks / paintings, fused glass, art furniture, catalogues and books.. / Aditional activities: Art Promotion & Consulting, Mentorship, Webpage administration&editing...
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