No one understands you? / Nessuno ti capisce? – Life Class Hotels&Spa Portorose

Exhibition opening report from Life Class Hotels&Spa Portorose, Slovenia

The opening of the Marko Jezernik’s art exhibition at the Cafe Central of the Grand Hotel Portorož attracted many more visitors then most similar events at this popular location. The main reason for their great response, was most likely Marko’s popularity in his hometown Piran and the fact, that many Piran’s residents often appear in his collages. Singing performance of the slovene music diva Darja Švajger, accompanied by musician Sašo Fajon at the piano, added to the pleasant artistic experience.

Marko Jezernik started sculpting in wood and metal while attending the elementary school. He created his first drawings and paintings during his studies at the faculty of economics and finally became an active painter in 1980. In 1980-1984 he spent a lot of time at the Goce Kaladžijski’s art studio. Goce became his mentor and helped him perfect various artistic skills, painting, graphic art, and sculpting. Marko was especially fascinated with the aquarel technique, that remains his favorite artistic challenge to this day.

Marko’s works reflect mediterranean motives in many original and diverse ways. He sees the collage technique of “cutting and gluing” as an attractive opportunity for toying with ideas and symbols. „There are many beautiful and sad life stories in my every day enviroment, that can be told through a collage. They are life itself…“, he said at the opening of his art exhibition at the Cafe Central.

One couldn’t help but notice the pride on the faces of the Piran townspeople, when they saw themselves in Marko’s collages, shoulder to shoulder with the queen of England, Tito and many other celebrities.

Instead of the usual exhibition catalogue, a very special (and so far the only) edition of the Laker’s Retro Mirror newspaper was available to visitors. A documentary film about Jezernik’s gallery, his aquarels, artistic furniture, artistic glass designs including a brief „making of a collage“ presentation, premiered in the separate viewing room. Both interesting and provocative „additions“ to the art exhibition were designed, printed, recorded and edited by Marko Jezernik and Sašo Fajon – this time introducing themselves as a team of „correspondents for the only nation wide secret alien discovery agency.“ More details on the agency activity will be revealed to all visitors until the ninth of October, when the exhibition closes.

LifeClass Hotel kitchen staff also prepared a special surprise for the occasion – they served a tasty collage, made of cakes.

The exhibition was officially opened by the deputy mayor Meira Hot, who commended Marko Jezernik for sharing his artistic ideas with his hometown. On behalf of the mayors office, she promised continuing support to the Piran’s diverse creative artistic community. Guest speaker, Piran’s own Slobodan Simič Sime, spoke of the artist, his views on the collage technique and Piran’s town people appearance in Marko’s art work with his usual provocative enthusiasm and humor.

Text: Janez Mužič

Translation: Sašo Fajon&Nataša Cvišič

Photos: Janez Mužič, Ubald Trnkoczy

More links: RTV SLO 

Life Class

Artsy Home


About Marko Jezernik

Choir Georgios Piran - Markoting&PR /singer in choir/ I'm running Fine Art Gallery & Studio presenting my artworks / paintings, fused glass, art furniture, catalogues and books.. / Aditional activities: Art Promotion & Consulting, Mentorship, Webpage administration&editing...
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