Codex Sangallensis, Ave Maris Stella & Tartini violin

What happens when people meet, who know how to change ideas into reality? Interesting question and answer is: AVE MARIS STELLA!

Ave Maris Stella, is a popular liturgical hymn of unknown origin. It was written in the 9th century and is preserved in a manuscript called Codex Sangallensis, now kept in a Swiss Monastery of St. Gallen. The discovery of the Codex suggests even the possibility that the hymn is written in the 8th century.
Authorship of the liturgical hymns is often attributed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), as the author is often found  Robert King (1030). But they both lived much later, so they could not be the authors.It has been also attributed to Venantius Fortunatus and to Paul The Deacon.

Ave Maris Stella was found in the ancient codes of prayer and worship and is performed at Vespers at St. Mary’s holidays. There exists a series of coral tunes. Ave Maris Stella was later set to music by several composers such as Guillaume Dufayel (1397-1474), Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), Franz Liszt (1811-1886) Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), Lajos Bárdos (1899-1986), Giovanni Vianini and some else.

Claudio Monteverdi 8:29
Franz Liszt  6:29
Edvard Grieg  2:54
Lajos Bárdos 3:22
Giovanni Vianini  4:45
Sašo Fajon  9:43

On Monday, 13 August at 21.00 hours – Parish Church of St.George in Piran , combined choirs and orchestra will performe “Ave Maris Stella” by domestic musician Sasha Fajon. Combined choirs and orchestra will be conducted by Patrik Greblo. We must not forget that the original Tartini violin will be on this occasion played by Zdravko Pleše.

Composer / Saso Fajon

Coastal Chamber Orchestra, Mixed Choir Divača, Female vocal group Korala Koper, Izola Male Choir, Hunting Choir Dekani

Conductor / Patrik Greblo

Soloist on Tartini violin  / Zdravko Pleše


More in slovene language on link: Codex Sangallensis, Ave Maris Stella & Tartini violin


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