Glass Impression – AIHV 19, 2012 Piran

Years ago, I think it was in 1992 or 1993, I have been several times in the Austrian Bärnbach with my friend Aleš Stopar, who works in THE CELJE REGIONAL MUSEUM (PMC). We have been visiting glass exhibitions in the Glass Museum, which is still leaded by Mr. Hans Martin Hittaller. On one of the first exhibitions, Aleš introduced me to Zvonka Požun, who came from Celje to Bärnbach and remain there to this day. The next meeting with Zvonka was in Piran in 2012.

On Sunday, 16 September 2012, at 19th hours, the 19th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass (AIHV) started, with occasional exhibition in Trevisini Palace, Piran. The title of exhibition was Glass Impression, where Art glass works of two Slovene artists, Zvonka Požun and Marko Jezernik were presented. Visitors of exhibition were welcomed by dr. Irena Lazar, who also presented bouth artists. The exhibition was officialy opened by the Mayor of Piran mr. Peter Bossman.

About AIHV/Qu’est-ce que l’AIHV

The AIHV was organized by Dr. Joseph Phillippe, Director of the Musée Curtius of Liège, in 1956. The first Congress of the organization, then called the Journées Internationales du Verre, took place in that city in 1958. Our membership includes archaeologists, art historians, artists, collectors, museum curators, scientists and researchers from over 30 countries.
Every three years we hold a congress where research papers are delivered and special exhibitions viewed. Visits are organised to museums, galleries and private collections. These congresses also provide the opportunity to socialise in pleasant surroundings and meet one’s fellow enthusiasts. The last congress was held in Thessaloniki, Greece in September 2009. Earlier ones have been held in Berlin, Damascus, London, Prague, Nancy, Madrid, Basel, Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice and Milan, and New York and Corning, and Antwerp. More on link: AIHV Congress 19, 2012 Piran

Zvonka Požun was born in Celje in She has finished Secondary School for Design and Photography in a study programme graphic design. She also attended a course on the Television Slovenia for film script and collaborated in the programme forr youth as well as in film production. In 1990 she returned to Celje, worked in THE CELJE REGIONAL MUSEUM (PMC) as an archeological illustrator and began her glass designer career as a self-taught artist. During her work she got acquainted with the representatives of the Bärnbach Glass Museum in Austria and the cooperation with them determind her future creative development. On the recommmendation of Professor Richard Meitner from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands she continued her education with Norbert Lanegger, a retired glass designer from Bärnbach Glass Factory and also at the Glass Painting Department at the Glass School in Kramsach, Tyrol. During her educationshe also worked at the Bärnbach Glass Museum as the glass designer.

The work Zvonka Požun:

Stare tehnike u interpretaciji Zvonke Požun
MAS – Izložba – Zvonka Požun ‘Stakloslikarstvo – stare tehnike u novim interpretacijama’

Marko Jezernik: I was born in Celje in 1950. My first family idol was my mother’s brother, uncle August Deržek, who was an excellent graphic and watercolor artist. THE CELJE REGIONAL MUSEUM (PMC) keeps some of his graphics and the MUSEUM OF RECENT HISTORY CELJE, keeps a part of his artistic legacy in watercolors. I have expanded my knowledge of craft skills by socializing with the »right people«, who were not afraid to share their knowledge with others. I was really lucky and always “ran into” people, who were willing to open the gates to their knowledge, to monitor my work and to give me the opportunity to learn from them. Among them was the Macedonian painter Goce Kalajdžiski, who acquainted me with painting and graphic techniques, then the glass master Ciril Zobec from Rogaška Slatina, who introduced me to the mysterious world of fused glass, and, last but not least, there is my mentor of guitar playing, upholsterer Fahir Tutnjić – Faki, with whom I design and produce fine art chairs.

Unique Art Glass

Art Glass Lights – Lighting Design

Galerija Marko Jezernik

Foto: Ubald Trnkoczy


About Marko Jezernik

Choir Georgios Piran - Markoting&PR /singer in choir/ I'm running Fine Art Gallery & Studio presenting my artworks / paintings, fused glass, art furniture, catalogues and books.. / Aditional activities: Art Promotion & Consulting, Mentorship, Webpage administration&editing...
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