Required Reading for Politicians – Financial Risk – Open Currencies

World-Wide Financial Risk in a Single Picture

The International Monetary Fund has produced a useful diagram of how its views of risks facing the world financial system have changed between its financial stability report of last April, and its latest, published this week. The diagram maps six different indicators of risk: emerging markets, credit, market and liquidity, risk appetite, monetary/financial, and macroeconomic risks. For a full explanation see the page 2 of the IMF’s
Global Financial Stability Report.

As I moved on, searching for other related topics on internet, I have found  interesting web page with currency issues. Initial explanation sucked me into interpretation:We invite you to explore innovative interpretations of money, economics and society which are resulting in a new way of thinking about our future. You will find  pieces of the puzzle on this web site to understanding the next economy. It is a work in progress, so it may not be clear and cohesive, but if you are open to some new ideas, you will find both practical tools and inspiring visions.

Welcome to New Currency Frontiers –
Resources for Builders of the New Economy

By editor

Open Currencies

The new frontier is about open currencies which do not exist by mandate of banks or government. They are distributed and un-enclosable systems of wealth creation which can be designed to benefit more than a privileged few. Modern computing and communication technology enable us to replace the role that banks have played in accounting, enabling transactions and ensuring data security. Additional platforms we’ve developed enable us to do all those things without a centralized server or database. The result is systems which cannot be shut down by external forces. As long as there are people who want to use them they can continue to function through a completely peered architecture. More on: New Curreny Frontiers

I knew, that the reaction of the financial-establishment is to be expected in a very short time. The reaction was unexpectedly fast and tough.

World Bank warns of new threats to the existing monetary system

By Chieff editor

Dangerous new ideas

The new threats are coming from the idea of open currencies which do not exist by mandate of banks or governments. Our experts in the field, reported hints for this kind of tendecies in some smaller territorial areas that have already functioned successfully in the past, independently of the remote centers of political and financial power.  The greatest danger, that threatens existing global monetary system and top 1%, is coming from a small part of the country, which successfully solves the consequences of the global crisis by selling Treasury bonds in world financial markets. Former, affectionately called “Lighthouse of Europe” succeeded in twenty-two years, since entering the EU, to completely reconstruct its economy. This reconstruction has been so successfully carried out, that today there is no risk, that anything else can be worse of what they have now. In the Istrian hinterland, chub people started thinking about taking fate into their own hands. It is at this corner of the world, the idea emerged that Istrian euro is to become a medium of exchange. More on link: Slovenia


The Istrian Euro – Stone-Curved One Euro stone

Working for Powerty of 1%

Adventure in Istrian Hinterland

In autumn 2012, a group of four adventurers break out of  the city limits of Piran, which were once defined by walls. They have boarded a little old car and headed into the unknown. The group of four have chosen to explore the hinterland of our Istria and share their findings with the public. Introduction of Istrian Euro hapens to be collateral damage.

Introduction of Istrian Euro – Istrian Euro

We are expecting the European Central Bank’s response in next days…

           Result: Housing Bouble                                           Result: Istrian Stone House

More on link: Adventure – Istrian Hinterland

Friendship through Art can change the World


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