Noenga Global Art platform – November 2012

Noenga community enclose at a present 837 artists from 85 countries world wide. I’m using it for promotion of my Art activities and for contacting with artist from different countries. I have registered on Noenga in 2010 and I have to admit it is a pleasure to be a part of this community.

Some of the Topics on Noenga:

New art – Here you will find the latest published and new artworks.

Best rated – You are the curator! Select a category and rate the artworks that in your opinion deserve a promotion. The best rated works will move on to the voting section by the end of the month.

Most voted – Art voting: You are the jury! Select a category on your left and vote for works to win credits. The more votes an artist receives, the higher he will climb in the Artist rank.

Most voted – November 2012

Dear Noenga member Marko ! =)

November has ended and that means news, new results, new credits and more art!

Your actual Artist valuation points is 1343
Your awards:

El Torro 15 copyStyle: Abstract 3rd place with Artwork “El Torro 3”

Technique: Pencil 2nd place with Artwork “Krkavce – Church of St. Michael”

Cerkev sv. Mihaela Krkavce

Artists rank – Artist rank

Art valuation system: Here you find the best awarded artists and the community’s valuation end results.

My public portfolio  – Marko Jezernik

About Noenga – text from Help/Info

What does do for the artists?

In one word: Promotion! We promote our community worldwide in multiple languages among art-lovers and professionals. Our viral campaigns target hundreds of galleries, art events, art critics and curators. We approach our contacts with your material and encourage them to use your art in their activities or exhibitions. We want to make you seen! is a specialized marketing tool for artists; we provide high integration with social networking services to blogs, mobile applications and news sites. Our marketing reaches art professionals internationally using a vast network of promotional services. Through our network you expose your work to millions of art lover’s world-wide. bridges the gap for artists between creation and audience.

Is an art market place or online gallery?

No! We let buyers and others contact you personally. We do not act as an intermediary in your sales. just wants to be your marketing/promotion tool and advices all artist’s to launch their own website with personal domain name. We aim for artists independence and truly believe this will benefit the universal creative process. SIGNING UP, JOINING NOENGA.COM

Are all artists free to join?

Yes, everybody should get a fair chance to show his work to a large international audience.

Is it FREE?

Yes, Noenga is 100% FREE!


About Marko Jezernik

Choir Georgios Piran - Markoting&PR /singer in choir/ I'm running Fine Art Gallery & Studio presenting my artworks / paintings, fused glass, art furniture, catalogues and books.. / Aditional activities: Art Promotion & Consulting, Mentorship, Webpage administration&editing...
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