My Galleries on Fine Art America

Here is a short information about my artworks on Fine Art America.

Gallery “Watercolor Cityscapes” content are watercolours of Slovene cityscapes: Piran, Ljubljana, Skofja Loka, Maribor… Videoclips on Youtube: Piran – Wandering around Slovenia Škofja Loka – Wandering around Slovenia Maribor – Wandering around Slovenia Marko Jezernik – You Tube: Marko Jezernik

Gallery “Magic Box – Morphology of thoughts” Magic Boxes are one way of my artistic view on topic Morphology of Thoughts. I have used wooden boxes as base for my paintings. Boxes can be a storage for all kind of small valuable things. More on my blog

Gallery “Drawings&Watercolors – Saints” content are pencil drawings ind watercolors of  St.Christopher, St. George, St.Michael… Ideas for paintings and works in ceramics…

Gallery “Morphology of Thoughts” content are paintings reflecting the diversity of human relations. Topic is based on my book “Morphology of Thoughts” where my texts are added to page illustrations. Morphology of Thoughts is a result of several years of writing. These are shorter texts, one could say “sayings”, which have their significance. The texts are formed solely on the basis of my personal experiences and analysis thereof. Let’s say that these are my commandments, which are protecting me from delusions and detours in life. The book is a combination of text and drawing, in some way describing and outlining human relationships. It is written in four language versions: Slovenian, English, French and German. More on my blog       

Gallery “Art Glass Interior Design” content are fused glass objects for Interior design: lights, table plates, front door glassing, separating walls…Video: Art Glass Doors

Gallery “Biodiversity” content are paintings of animals

Gallery “Adventure in Istrian hinterland” In autumn 2012, a group of four adventurers break out of the city limits of Piran, which were once defined by walls. They have boarded a little old car and headed into the unknown. The group of four have chosen to explore the hinterland of our Istria and share their findings with the public… More on Avantura v zaledju Istre  

Gallery “India” content are paintings and drawings from my India trips. Video: Godess Lakshmi


About Marko Jezernik

Choir Georgios Piran - Markoting&PR /singer in choir/ I'm running Fine Art Gallery & Studio presenting my artworks / paintings, fused glass, art furniture, catalogues and books.. / Aditional activities: Art Promotion & Consulting, Mentorship, Webpage administration&editing...
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