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Presentation of Corporate Creations by Googelyn C. Gattwick

Presentation of corporate creations by Googelyn C. Gattwick

Corporations are people and Googlyn C. Gattwick is certainly no exception. We proudly presents her first single from upcoming album »A handful Elevator Chants of Neoliberal Economic Diapason” with title “1%”.
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Required Reading for Politicians – Financial Risk – Open Currencies

The International Monetary Fund has produced a useful diagram of how its views of risks facing the world financial system have changed between its financial stability report of last April, and its latest, published this week. We invite you to explore innovative interpretations of money, economics and society. Dangerous new ideas. We are expecting the European Central Bank’s response in next days… Continue reading

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My blog “Required Reading for Politicians – NLP – Brief History of Neoliberalism” has followers! I have just found video with title 1% . Interesting story reminds me on Joseph Stiglitz articles about Global Crisis. European Journal Video Slovenia: The … Continue reading

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Required Reading for Politicians – NLP – Brief History of Neoliberalism

I have a habit, to browse newspaper, while drinking the morning capuchino in coffee shop on Tartini’s square in Piran, to enter into my brain the required “daily dose” of rescue operations of the respective government. In this case, it … Continue reading

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