Slovene cityscapes on Fine Art America

Gallery content are watercolours of Slovene cityscapes: Piran,  Ljubljana, Skofja Loka, Maribor, Izola, Koper…

Praetorian Pallace KoperIZOLA robbov vodnjak 1024Municipal Palace Piran1 6330 000 PALAZZO TRAVESINI 1024

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Marko Jezernik – Fine Art Amerika

Videoclips on Youtube:
Piran – Wandering around Slovenia 
Škofja Loka – Wandering around Slovenia 
Maribor – Wandering around Slovenia 

My other galleries on Fine Art America:

Morphology of thoughts  Morfo Medvode 2010 2

Galerija Marko Jezernik 2013Art Glass Interior Design

2lakshmidetailleva 1024     India

Video: Goddess Lakshmi – Goa, India 2001


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Resuming again – Gallery Marko Jezernik, Piran

Galerija Marko Jezernik 2013Re starting all over again!
From today onwards, the address of my gallery: Gallery Marko Jezernik, Ulica Svobode 31, Piran
email: galerija.jezernik @
www Gallery Marko Jezernik
Cross-section of activities:

Gallery Marko Jezernik – in progress
Noenga Global Art platform – Marko Jezernik

Satchi Online profile – Marko Jezernik
Behance profile – Marko Jezernik
Fine Art America profile – Marko Jezernik
Straus Dekor & Galerija Marko Jezernik

ImageYoutube channel – Marko Jezernik

WordPress blog – Marko Jezernik

LinkedIn profile – Marko Jezernik

Let’s Try That

Never Think It’s Over

ImageImageImage   Image


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“Biodiversity No.1 – Do We Know What We Are Missing?” on Tallenge

wax kiti1 1024 copyMy entry “Biodiversity No.1 – Do We Know What We Are Missing?” is now live on Tallenge, contesting in the Art category. The contest ends on 15 July 2013, giving me 8 days to get the votes.


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Untitled-7 copyNew series of Bookmarks 2013 
Nuova serie di Segnalibri 2013 
Neue serie von Lesezeihnen 2013
Gallery Marko Jezernik, Piran
Wax&Pencil drawing&Watercolor on paper
More on FB Album:
BMA23BMA22    BMA21BMA20     BMA19  BMA18BMA17
BMA16BMA15BMA14   BMA10   BMA8
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Exhibition in Gallery BF, Piran

GBF 5Exhibition in Gallery BF, Piran – Ulica Svobode 83 

Artists: Marko Krvina, paintings;Stipe Miličić, sculptures; Emir Krajišnik, sculptures; Bogdan Fras, paintings; Polde Belec, mosaic parquet; Marko Jezernik, art glass&chairs&lights

GBF 4Razstava v Galeriji BF, Piran – Ulica Svobode 83 
Umetniki: Marko Krvina – slike, Stipe Miličić – skulpture; Emir Krajišnik – skulpture; Bogdan Fras – slike;  Polde Belec – mozaični parket;  Marko Jezernik – umetniško steklo&stoli&svetila
GBF 2GBF 6GBF3Galerija BF logo
Gallery BF, Piran  is also my temporary working place.
Gallery Marko Jezernik is waiting for a new location.
Opening time: 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00 – Entrance free 
Odpiralni čas: 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00 – Vstop prost
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Dolphin Georgios named after choir GEORGIOS from Piran

Piran’s Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS finished lately it’s second Tour in Strunjan!

Piran – Slovenia – Monday, 03.05.2013

After succesful tour in Lucija, Portorose, choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS  participated on charity concert in Strunjan, Slovenia.

F3kiti5 1024The Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS got yesterday  Morigenos announcement, that  in early May, they have encountered two previously unknown dolphins in Piran Bay. They spent most of their time feeding, but they also came to swim under their boat a few times. They called them Georgios and ArmaniChoir GEORGIOS rounded up it’s artistic image for upcoming tours!



Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS official website

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Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS Piran

Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS from Piran goes on it’s first Tour!

Lucija – Portorose, Slovenia.

We have been informed by the Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS  Markoting&PR organization that they have 18 dates to work with , 1st of which was announced few days ago.

MPZ GEORGIOS 1024Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS official website

The Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS is starting Tour with completly new programe, expecially prepared for the Charity Concert for Piran Firefighters.



Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS on Tour in Lucija

Choir /MePZ/ GEORGIOS on Tour in Lucija

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